10 Seducing Photos Of Katie Banks That Are Too Hot To Handle

Katie Banks the Canadian adult pornstar has been in the porn industry for over six years. Her blog is like an open book anyone can take a peek, especially those great pairs of seducing ‘knockers’ for which she is famous worldwide. She lives a very normal married life along with her two dogs. Katie Banks is 30 years old, born on August 5, 1987, in Vancouver, Canada. When she is not working on any new videos, then she is busy selling her custom videos which are just too hot to handle.

The reason she joined the porn industry was that she needed money to bail herself out, from drug charges as she was arrested for transporting 100 pounds of marijuana from Mexico to the United States. You will come to realize, that she is really too hot to handle, after you complete scrolling through these 50 seducing images of hers.

1. A property too hot to handle.